Used 3D Archery Targets

M&L Event Services provides high-quality used 3D Archery Targets for avid members of the US archery community.  As a partner of ASA Archery, our annual tournament targets are perfect for use by clubs, amateurs and professional archers.  Full range with replacement cores will be $5,700.00 ($4,700 for 20-targets and $1,000 for cores) with a $1,000 deposit required to reserve, the half range with replacement cores will be $2,900 ($2400 for 10-targets and $500 for cores) and also requires a $1,000 deposit to reserve.

Quality Competition Targets

These targets are top-grade competition targets used at our partner events.

Save Hundreds

Save money purchasing competition quality targets!

NO Shipping Cost

Get these targets when you attend our partner tournaments.  No shipping or processing fees required!